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Game rules

Single Spin and Roll A Dice Rules

The main aim of the game is to predict the result of the coin spin or a dice depending on the game you choose to play.

The minimum bet is £1 and the maximum bet is £100. You may play multiple games based on the available funds in your gaming account. 

Single Spin: Select your choose either heads or tails that you bet the coin will land on and if you are correct you win.

Roll A Dice: Select 3 different numbers on the dice that you bet the Dice will roll onto and if  one of your selections is correct you win.

Our traditional coin spinning game offers you a 50/50 chance of winning and there is no "Zero" as found in roulette.

The principle is to provide an equal chance to all players with odds being 50/50. Our goal is to guarantee you have equal game conditions.

The single spin Game is charged at 5% commisson on winning bets only.  Minimum withdrawal is £5.00

Rules for Casino games

All games are commission free and all bets are straight win or lose.

You must have avalible funds in your TopTheLotto main wallet.

Each game has its own set of rules which are displayed in the 'help/more' section of each game.   

Top The Lot Rules

The aim of the higher or lower game is to collect the highest number of points in the quickest time using a standard deck of cards on each level. 

Each Daily TopTheLot game begins  10:15pm and ends the following the evening at 10:00pm.

Players receive 5 free credits (From 30/03/2020 12:00 pm) at the start of each game and with each credit players also receive 1 Paid Life + 1 Free (From 30/05/202- 12:00am).

 There is no minimum wagering requirement to receive the daily FREE credits. All you need to do is log in daily to receive the credits which are placed in the account ready to use by 10:15pm every night. Players will receive 1 Paid life + 1 Free lives (From 30/03/2020 12:00am) with each credit used within the game.

Extended games may vary on start and end times. 

Card Values

The ACE card has the LOWEST value of 1.

cards from 2 through to 10 keep their face values.

Jack has a value of 11.

Queen has a value of 12.

King has the highest value in the pack of 13




5 Simple steps


1) To start the game you select play now, then player must select 1 starter card from the fanned out deck (Level 1).

2) Click on the Play button, The starter card is turned over and timer begins. 

3) Choose a card from the deck above and predict whether the value is of higher or lower value than your starter card (with Ace being of the lowest value of 1 and a King the highest with 13). For every correct prediction you receive points (From 27/08/2018 12:00). If you land on a card of the same value you receive 4 points and continue the game. If your prediction is incorrect, don't worry your game is not over as you can use a Free Life (From 17/05/2018 10:15pm) and a further 1 Paid Life.

4) Once you reach the top of a stage you will be presented with a mini round. For every successful mini round players will gain points (From 27/08/2018 12:00)

5b) Stick Option = When you achieve a score you are happy with you have the option to save that score on the leader board by pressing the stick button, or you can carry on playing and continue going up the board HOWEVER....  If you carry on and are unsuccessful at any time with your prediction your score will not be submitted onto leader board and you will lose that score and not recieve the prize you could have if you had stuck. This will occur either when a player either wishes not to carry on and purchase a life or if they have used ALL the lifes available to them in the current game. 

Leader Board = The leader board holds submitted times and scores for prizes players have achieved within the current live game. Once the tournament has finished all players that hold a prize position will be rewarded with the prize money stated on the leader board for that particular position. If on a rare occasion players have the same score in the same time then the prize positions will be evenly divided. 

5c) Life System - The first life is FREE and the second life is 25p.

A Player uses 1 credit per 1 play. Credits cannot be passed over to future tournaments and will expire after each tournament. When a players credit balance falls to 0 the player can purchase more credits if they wish to play again.

Start times of TOPTHELOT GAMES...

If has a Daily Game, The TopTheLot Daily Game will start at 10:15pm every evening and finishes the following evening at 10:00pm.

If has a week day Game, The TopTheLot Week Game will start for example at 10:15pm Sunday evening and finish Wednesday evening at 10:00pm, and likewise the next one will start at 10.15pm on Wednesday and finish 10.00pm on a Sunday.

The event will be clearly displayed on the site. has the right to change the start and end dates and times prior to a new event starting.

Credits FOR EACH GAME....

5 Free credits (From 30/03/2020 12:00am) will be received by every player to use every night by 10.15pm. ( Please note there is no minimum wagering requrement to receive the free credits).

Extended games may vary on the credits given out.

Players may redeem when  available by going to 'my account' and click 'redeem voucher code'.

Credits when available can be purchased only during the current live Game. Unused credits cannot be transferred, or used for future Games and will be deemed void and cleared from that Player’s Account as soon as the current Game ends.

Credit packs are available to purchase cost of the following amount: £1.24 for 10 (From 30/03/2020), £2.49 for 25 (From 30/03/2020). Please note there is a maximum limit on the amount of credit you can purchase. These limits are specified on the following page - BUY TOPTHELOT CREDIT PACKS.  The Credit pack limit is within any one 24 hour period. Once the 24 hour period/competition has ended (From the first pack a player has purchased) the player can then start purchasing more packs.

Final TopTheLot Leaderboard positions post game may vary from the final standing tables found on the will also display in what positions prizes can be won for that particular Game and reserve the right to change the number of prize positions at their absolute discretion, without notice to Players.                   

Complete the cards with a score of 202 to win £100,000             

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       CAN YOU TOP THE LOT?    

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TopTheLot is fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission #25951